Shaughnessy Properties

What’s the most expensive property in Vancouver?

Most expensive property in Vancouver

Vancouver has seen high price tagged properties in the past. After all, this city leads the country for most expensive residence in the country. But the latest listing tops them all and could be the most expensive home to come on the market. This property comes from one of the affluent neighbourhoods in Vancouver, Shaughnessy.

Shaughnessy Properties

Courtesy of Macdonald Realty

This mansion is sold along with two other lots together for a combined amount of $46,800,000. The properties are located at 1238, 1242 & 1248 Tecumseh Ave. All three properties make up to 49,314 sqft (1.13 Acre) in lot size. The house has five bedrooms and four baths. The size of the master bedroom (21 x 20 ft) is that of a starter condo in Vancouver. All in all, this mansion is magnificent and has a lot of the original character.

Another point to consider, and important one, is that fact the City of Vancouver has imposed a bylaw preventing anyone from demolishing homes in this neighbourhood, which First Shaughnessy, that have heritage value. After seeing many of these beautiful mansions being demolished for larger and newer mansions in the past, the City Hall finally stepped in to ban such practices. You’re allowed to renovate inside and out. However, it would be prudent to consult the City of Vancouver and obtain proper documentation and permits before taking on any renovations.

Here is the Fist Shaughnessy Policies and Guideline. 


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Photo curtesy of Macdonald Realty