Buy your home in Vancouver fast

2 Most Important steps before you start house hunting in Vancouver

Two important steps to take before you start looking for a home in Vancouver.


Buy your home in Vancouver fast


The qualified buyer often has the edge when it comes to getting the offer accepted. It’s in yours, and realtor’s, best interest to know how much you’re qualified. Have a Mortgage Professional go over your financial statement and assess your affordability. Knowing how much you qualify helps the REALTOR to narrow the search and find the home you are looking fast. By the way, whatever you discuss with your REALTOR, i.e., budget, your motive, and anything else, remains confidential. Since you submitted all the documents to your mortgage professional ahead of time, your mortgage professional can get started on working on your file of finding you a suitable lender while you’re searching for your new home. This is service cost you nothing. If someone demands you money to get you a mortgage, you must report this activity to BC Real Estate Council. Also, know the difference between a Bank Mortgage Specialist vs. Mortgage broker; not many know this.

Here’s a good comparison on that, Mortgage Professionals.

Second, reach out to a REALTOR to help you find a property. The best way to find a REALTOR is through a referral from friends and family. Or you can visit an open house and see if the REALTOR there is a good fit for you and finally do a search on Ask him a lot of questions about his experience, any additional credentials he/she holds, and watch how he interacts with other open house guests. REALTORS often get paid by the seller so utilise them, it’s FREE.  
When I’m doing a buyer’s tour which consists of 3-8 properties, unless the client says no, I often include a meal and drink stops. These are all paid out of my pocket. It’s a small thing I can do to make my clients comfortable while searching for their ideal home.